Ammu’s challenge

Ammu’s challenge

AMMU is a food reality that offers the experience of tasting a delicious Sicilian express cannolo, filled at the moment.

Why the cannolo? Because we decided to focus on the undisputed world symbol of Sicilian confectionery tradition. Sicily is our source of inspiration and growth, but it also represents the territory in which we have developed our ambitious network concept. By bringing together the best Sicilian companies operating in the food sector, by making quality our strength and by successfully opening up to international markets.

We did it with Inside Sicily, a network of companies delivering excellent Sicilian products all over the world – from appetizers to desserts to the finest wines. Ammu’s aim is to make Cannoli another winning recipe. We rely on the taste, quality and “Sicilianity” of our ambitious project: Ammu Sicilian express cannoli.


Back from the success of our six-month stay at Expo 2015, thanks to our productive skills we have offered our express cannoli to over 133,000 customers. The quality of our raw materials and the ability to reinterpret the confectionery tradition, have been the basis of our strategy and the consequent appreciation of those who have known us.


We are a project with clear ideas already from the phase of experimentation and creation. In fact, we think Ammu has an enormous potential inside: starting from the truck to delivery our express cannoli; continuing with the expansion on site and with the desire to develop a widespread delivery system, but above all with the desire to create a status of taste. The cannolo, one of the best known Italian confectionery specialty, is a synonym of confectionery tradition, but even more of the evolution towards a concept of taste that embraces food and lifestyle while honouring the tastes of our motherland.


We offer quality. Selected raw materials and a wide and consolidated network of Sicilian producers and entrepreneurs are the best quality guarantees for our customers. We propose tradition, but also experimentation. Our cannoli are an attitude: they pay homage to the tradition of ancient Sicilian recipes, but can be enjoyed quickly. In addition our cannoli are produced with quality raw materials, namely sheep ricotta from selected cheese factories from Palermo, and waffles lovingly produced in Catania according to an ancient noble recipe.
We offer taste. Our cannoli are created and filled at the moment. You can choose among classic fried waffle, waffle without lard, gluten-free waffle and oven-baked one. And add superior quality ricotta, that is the lowest common denominator of our tastes.

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We start from the excellence of our island and Italian tradition. And we focus on the cannolo product as a traditional symbol of the Sicilian dessert and as a consequent basis of our express productions in the food sector. To this we add the essential care of every detail.




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